Top 5 Aussie Shed Ideas in 2021 for a functional space

There are way too many things you can do with a shed. From an old-school shed to a chic modern design, sheds come in plenty of forms and designs. It all comes down to the weather, terrain, but most importantly, what you need. 


2020 has seen its fair share of beautiful shed ideas across the world. The new year is promising even better shed designs you can try out. Here are the five beautiful shed ideas that will add charm to your backyard.


The Cottage style garden shed

This shed is an all-time classic that you can’t get wrong. Classically beautiful and offering tons of customization options, the cottage shed is a good option for the homeowner needing a get-away experience. 


Whether you need it large or small, the cottage shed gives you functional space for a cozy rest-place or a home office. You can style the cottage shed in an array of chic, boho or rustic designs. It’s your get-away space, so make it as cozy as you like.

A farmhouse shed with a sprinkle of modernity

When looking for an intersection of old and modern, the farmhouse styled space is the shed for you. With a simple but gorgeous look, this shed will be a hallmark character in your garden.


 The farmhouse shed features wide-double doors and the contained space that you need to get creative. To give it a modern feel, add home appliances, colours you love and top it off with the little things that make it feel like home.


Your own little greenhouse

Do you love gardening but can’t deal with Townsville's summers? The potting shed will be a wonderful addition for your garden. A potting shed will have large windows for sunlight to come through and lots of workbenches and hooks to place your potted plants. 


You can add extra hooks and styling outside to encompass the shed in an all plant environment. An insulating green roof is also an option to try out.


A family hangout shed

Sheds are not only for equipment storage. They are also a place to build memories and have fun with friends and family. A hangout shed is an enticing, simple and cozy space to build in 2021.


It features insulated interior walls, sliding doors, large windows for light and a secure exterior. Inside, you will have all the amenities that make the shed a fit space for quality indoors time. 

An Open air shed

Ranging from half walls to no walls, this shed will be a gorgeous addition to your backyard. It doubles up as a potting shed and can be an ideal workstation if you are a hobbyist. Even better, strategically plant flowers and other plants to make the shed more in tune with nature.

The shed you choose for your garden will depend on your needs and preference. You can have it basic or customized to a T. Contact us to learn how we can add character to your home garden with a Colorbond shed.